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Wiper Blades for Toyota Cars in Singapore

Toyota cars are one of the most popular cars in Singapore as they are known for their reliability, durability and affordability.

Toyota cars in Singapore generally use the hook type or style wiper blade attachments. This is the common type of wiper blade attachment that is used by most, if not all Japanese vehicles on our Singapore roads. The benefits of this is that they are easy to find as they are commonly available at most car workshops and petrol pump stations.

Removal and Installation of Wiper blades for Toyota Cars

Removal of hook type wiper blades on your Toyota car is relatively simple. Simply pull back any retention clip if any and slide out the wiper blade from the hook. When the used wiper blade has been successfully removed, insert the new Singtech Wiper blade the same way as you put it in.

If you feel that the process is too complicated. You can come over to our office as we provide free installation for every Singtech Wiper Blades that are purchased online at our website.

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Here are a list of Toyota models that our Singtech wiper blade will work on.

This list is not the complete list of Toyota models and if your model is not listed here, it does not mean that our Singtech Wiper Blades will not fit, just contact us at 6281 2001 or [email protected] and we will respond to you quickly.