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Smart battery charger

Intelligent Battery Charger 3 in 1

For all 12 volt automotive battery types: lead, AGM (absorbed glass mat) Gel and deep cycle.

This charger initiates and 8-stage charging cycle which charges and maintains battery. Additionally there is a boost mode for battery rescue. The charger can also be used to test the battery with connecting to a 100v – 240v AC supply. It features overload, short circuit and polarity reversal protection.

Includes a “snow” mode for charging in temperatures below 0 °C.
Note: Never attempt to charge a battery with frozen electrolyte.

The charger is supplied with two methods of connection:

  • Insulated battery clamps
  • Eyelet connectors for motorcycles
  • Onboard 12v connector


Charging Mode Charge Voltage Normal mode: 14.4v DC
Snow mode: 14.7v DC
Boots (Rescue): 16.5v DC
Charge Current Range 1A / 4A / 6A selectable
Efficiency > 85% @ Full Load
Normal Charging Mode 8-stage charging
Snow Charging Mode Charging when temperature is under 0°C
Boost (Rescue) Mode 16.5v – 80% output of select current
Input Input Frequency Range 47 ~ 63Hz
Input Voltage Range 100v – 240v AC
Protections Reverse Polarity YES
Disconnect YES
Over Temperature Output power drops until temperature is within limits.
Short Circuit YES
Wrong Battery Type YES. (No charge when Vbat < 2v or Vbat > 15v)
Environment Operating Temperature -20°C ~ 40°C
Operating Humidity 10 – 95% RH
Shock 20G | Package
LED Status Charging Mode Normal Mode: No LED on.
Snow Mode: LED on. (Orange LED)
Boost (Rescue) Mode: LED Flicker. (Orange LED)
Error Indicator Status Error LED On: error status
Error LED Flicker: battery damage (Red LED)
Battery Test Mode Indicator Discharged LED: The battery must be charged. (Red LED)
Low LED: The battery must be charged. (Green LED)
Medium LED: The battery must be charged. (Green LED)
Full LED: The battery is full. (Green LED)
Safety and EMC Safety Standards EN 60335 and CEC
Withstand Voltage Meet I/P – O/P:3Kv AC
I/P – FG:1.5Kv AC
O/P – FG:0.5Kv AC
Isolation Resistance Meet 100M ohms | 500VDC at 25°C
EMI Conduction and Radiation CISPR22 class B
Harmonic Current EN61000-3-2, -3
Certificate CE | IV | FCC |
EMS Immunity EN55014-4-2
Others MTBF 150k hours
min. MIL-HDBK-217F (25°C)
Type of Batteries Lead Acid Battery
Dimension (L x W x H) 176mm x 77mm x 46mm
Weight 0.59kg


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Singtech smart batter chargers smart batter charger

Smart battery charger