TPMS DIY – Tyre Safe


Singtech Tyre Pressure Monitoring System.

Our Singtech Tyre pressure system contains 1 monitor and four sensors. It’s Used to monitor the tire temperature and pressure real-time status and warning on the abnormal situations, like air-leakage, too high or too low pressure and temperature, the monitor could receive the information in setted time and efficiently notify to drivers the tire problems to prevent the accidents.

When encountered with abnormal temperature, pressure or air-leakage, alarming interface will be pop up automatically  on the screen and insist for 10sec to warn drivers take necessary security precautions.

  • Automatic Detection
  • Accurate Number Display
  • DIY Design
  • Wireless Data Transmission
  • Buzzer Alarming
  • Plug & Play
  • Long Life Battery

Sensor Parameters:

  1. Working Voltage: 2.1V~3.5V
  2. Pressure range: 0~5.5 Bar
  3. Temperature range: 40°C ~ 125° C
  4. Sensor weight: <11g
  5. IP grade: IPx67
  6. RF working frequency: 433.92MHZ

Monitor  Parameters:

  1. Working Voltage: -20°C ~ 70°C
  2. Storage temperature: -35°C ~ 85°C
  3. Working humidity: 75%
  4. Receive  frequency: 433.93MHz +_ 0.05
  5. Working voltage: 3.3 ~ 4.2V – 380mAh (3.7V)