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Easy to Program Operation Settings | Singtech Portable Traffic Light

Easy to Program Operation Settings

Manual Control of Fixed Time Operation | Singtech Portable Traffic Light

Manual Control of Fixed Time Operation

WiFi communication between master & slave lights | Singtech Portable Traffic Light

WiFi communication between master & slave lights

Reliable & Robust Design | Singtech Portable Traffic Light

Reliable & Robust Design

High Intensity & Long-Life LEDs | Singtech Portable Traffic Light

High Intensity & Long-Life LEDs

Anti-Flaming Housing | Singtech Portable Traffic Light

Anti-Flaming Housing

Looking for Road Safety Equipments?

Singtech offers a range of road safety equipment including traffic cones, beacons, Arrow LED Sign Board and much more.


Signage Stop & Go with Pole


Road Construction Reflective Sheet – “Caution” Sign


Pedestrian Crossing Reflective Sign with Symbol


Portable Road Hump

Arrow Sign Plate (LED) with Solar Panel | Singtech YSH Road and Construction Safety Equipment in Singapore


Arrow Sign Plate (LED) with Solar Panel


Arrow Sign LED Lamp 12VDC


Zebra Crossing Beacon LED


LED Work Light with Tripod Stand/Power Cord 20W x 2


LED Strobe Light 36W 12 LED Battery Operated


Traffic Cone 58 – 60cm Expandable with LED


Rechargeable Portable LED Work Light 20W


Singtech New 80 LED Rechargeable Cordless Work Light

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Flashing Arrow

Flashing Arrows

LED Arrow Board is a versatile, low operating cost arrow board that provides maximum visibility at all times while directing traffic through construction zones. It is a must for any traffic management system, including construction, work zone and roadworks application.

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Beacons and Warning Lights

Beacon & Warning Lights

Beacon and warning lights offer increased visibility for safety purposes which are an important consideration for many different industries and work environments. Amber and red beacon lights are the most commonly used colours in Singapore, for different vehicles and heavy vehicles.

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Traffic Cones

Traffic Cones

Traffic cones are designed to be highly visible and easily movable. Traffic cones are typically used outdoors during road work or other situations requiring traffic redirection or advance warning of hazards or dangers, or the prevention of traffic.

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LED Work Light

LED Work Lights

Portable, versatile and long-lasting LED work light is always the only choice for workers who in a need of convenient and lightweight LED work light. Singtech carries a wide variety of work lights available for high output, material handling, off-road and construction.

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