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Upgrade to superior visibility, surability and longevity with Singtech auto LED Light. Compatible with most asian & continental vehicles VIEW LED LIGHTS
Drive Safe In Heavy Rain SINGTECH WIPERS
Singtech Wiper Blades will fiit for all Japanese, Korean and European vehicles. 100% natural rubber ensures high visibility even in the worst of Singapore's storms. FIND OUT MORE SHOP NOW
Clearance Universal 5.8G & 2.4G WIFI MIRROR LINK BOX WITH HDMI & CVBS OUTPUT Universal 5.8G & 2.4G WIFI Wireless Mirror Link Interface for sharing the link between your Smartphone and Car Audio & Video / Home TV / Monitors with CVBS and HDMI input, which could recognize the IOS and Android system automatically, no need manual switch, Cleaning Signal output without interference. FIND OUT MORE $150 $65

Singapore Auto Parts & Accessories

Singtech Carries a wide range of car parts & accessories for different makes and models of Japanese & Continental Cars. We strive to cater to all the needs of car owners in Singapore while providing high quality products and services.

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About Singtech

Singtech is a leading Automotive Parts & Accessories distributor in Singapore with more than 25 years of experience in the car market in Singapore.

As a trusted brand, Singaporeans know that products from Singtech such as the Car alarm systems, LED Lights and GPS Tracking Systems are reliable while affordably priced.

Singtech takes pride in the sale of car accessories, taking steps than no other car accessories distributor would do in Singapore such as quality checking individual products to ensure that they meet the standards that their customers require.

Singapore Car Market

The Singapore Car Market is largely affected by the price of cars in Singapore. Depending on the prevailing cost of the Certificate of Entitlement, better known as the COE in Singapore for short, car owners will choose to buy a new vehicle or retain their existing vehicle.

The COE is in essence, a 10 year licence for your vehicle to be on the roads of Singapore. As of the January 2016, the average price of COE is around $50,000.

As the COE has been relatively expensive the past few years, many car owners in Singapore felt that the better option is to maintain their vehicles for the life of the COE which is 10 years.

In doing so, many owners would purchase more parts and accessories for their vehicles in order to “prolong” the longevity of their cars or increase the functionality and convenience of their cars.

Common upgrades for car owners in Singapore include installing car alarm systems, in-car camera systems and changing their lights to LED lights for a more modern look.