Singtech Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Singapore


What is Singtech Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)?

Singtech Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) allows users to quickly and easily check the air pressure in your tyre. It connects wirelessly from the 4 sensors located at each wheel to a display which can be easily plugged into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter socket. Singtech TPMS gives the user real time vital information about the condition of your vehicle’s tyres.

Why is a TPMS useful?


Safer drive

With so many constructions and road works all over Singapore, it is inevitable to encounter a few sharp screws and nails on the road. Singtech TPMS allows you to have safer drive knowing that your tyres are in good condition. If your tyres should get punctured by something, you will be able to see a drop in air pressure in real time on the display. With this, you are then able to take note and go out to check your tyre for any foreign objects. Knowing that your tyre is losing pressure, you will also drive with more caution as compared to how you normally drive till you get your tyre fixed at a tyre repair shop.

Better fuel consumption

As most Singapore drivers do no check their tyre pressure regularly, many of us drive with under-inflated tyres. This will lead to issues such as poorer handling of the vehicle, Bad fuel consumption and quicker wear and tear of the tyre leading to more frequent tyre change. Tyres in Singapore do not come cheap and at Singtech, we usually recommend better quality tyres.

With Singtech TPMS, you are able to constantly monitor your type pressure, you will then know when to pump air to your tyres, keeping your tyres in tip top shape while saving money in the long run.

Typical installation for TPMS

Installation of the Singtech’s TPMS is simple and users can even do it yourself (DIY). It will work with all vehicles in Singapore from Japanese to Korean and Continental vehicles.

What a tyre valve cap looks like. Image credit: Dave Linger (source)

To install, simply remove the screw valve screw cap and replace it with our tyre pressure sensor.

TPMS Installed on to car tyre

Next install the display in the cigarette lighter socket and it is ready. Simple installation that anyone can easily do it themselves.

Singtech TPMS Installed with USB out to charge mobile devices such as smartphones and iphone.

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