Singtech Power Booster: Not Just Another Voltage Stabiliser

Voltage Stabilisers and Your Car Battery

There is a huge debate on the internet about whether or not voltage stabilisers actually work. Some swear by it, while others claim they serve no real purpose. Tests have shown that voltage stabilizers technically work, but not in the way that can significantly boost your car’s performance ten folds. Indeed, if you understand the inner workings of voltage stabilisers, they are actually made up of capacitors, built for the purpose of improving what is already there, but does not active add to what does not originally exist.

This article, though, is NOT about voltage stabilisers. We mentioned it to make a point: About how different Singtech Power Booster LiFePO4 70A is from most regular voltage stabilisers.

But before that, we would need to explain a bit more about what voltage stabilisers are and what it actually does.

How Do Voltage Stabilisers Work?

Capacitors in Voltage Stabilisers
Voltage Stabilisers are made up of capacitors like the ones pictured above.

If there’s a way to describe voltage stabilisers, compare it to adding two types of sugar to separate cups of coffee; one type being the regular granular sugar, while another being the powdery caster sugar. With all things equal, you will realise that the coffee and caster sugar will taste sweeter with minimal stirring. There’s actually no difference between the regular sugar and caster sugar in nature and taste. However, grounded sugar would likely dissolve faster and thus have the added “boost” compared to regular sugar.

The same can be said with voltage stabilisers. It is an additional device to regulate how electricity runs in the car circuitry. Your car battery is actually a voltage stabiliser on its own: it charges itself when the electricity is not needed, then uses the electricity it creates to run your car’s electrical components when used. The problem happens in the way how “slow” that change occurs. (I put “slow” in inverted commas because it may not be noticeable to most people whose car is still in good shape. But the gap of change exists.)

The purpose of adding voltage stabilisers is to bridge that gap. By making electricity run more consistently, electrical fluctuations that affects the car’s operation may be reduced. This ensures an overall smoother operation of the car.

How Singtech’s Power Booster LiFePO4 70A Works Differently

Singtech’s Power Booster LiFePO4 70A works differently because it does what voltage stabilizers do not: add active power. Whereas voltage stabilisers bridge the gap with additional circuitry, the Power Booster bridges the gap with additional power.

The secret to the Power Booster is the built-in rechargeable lithium iron nano-phosphate (LiFePO4) battery. That is indeed a mouthful to say, but that simply shows how chocked full of value that battery is. LiFEPO4 is the actual chemical symbol for the compound in the battery and its host of benefits include:

  • A longer cycle life means the LFP battery (another name for LiFePO4 batteries) simply last longer then most other lithium batteries.
  • Even if left on the shelf for a long time, LFP batteries has better energy density compared to batteries that are left unused.
  • It has a constant discharge voltage. This means the electricity it supplies remains consistent throughout most of its lifetime without significantly powering down.
  • The use of phosphates avoids the cost and environmental concerns of cobalt
  • The potential for thermal runaway (battery exploding or leaking) in cobalt-content rechargeable batteries can also be avoided.

Because of this “active” way of bridging the electrical fluctuation, improvement to car’s performance may be more apparent as opposed to voltage stabilisers!

Benefits of Singtech’s Power Booster LiFePO4 70A

Singtech Power Booster can enhance your car’s lights performance.

Now that we got the technicalities out of the way, it’s time to talk about how the Power Booster can help your car’s performance. With the promise to provide quality output of power supply the Power Booster can help to:

  1. Improves starting power and engine response time.
  2. Boost fuel combustion which means fuel saving reduces carbon emission.
  3. Enhance safety to your driving by offering your car better response.
  4. Enhances your car lighting system.

Not only that, the LFD battery of the Power Booster has:

  1. A large overcharge tolerance
  2. Simplified Battery Management System and battery charger
  3. Longer cycle life
  4. High temperature performance

Basically, it boils down to safer and consistently smoother driving.

Some Good News by Singtech

All throughout May and June, Singtech will be offering the Power Booster for $250.00. It comes with free installation at our establishment by our professional staff. All you got to do is purchase the Singtech Power Booster via our website. Or just click on the link you see below to grab the chance!

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