Singtech GPS Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management System

Singtech GPS Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management System

What is Singtech GPS Vehicle Tracking  & Fleet Management System?

Singtech GPS Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management System is a platform for both individuals and businesses to track the location of their vehicle both in Singapore and overseas. Using advanced Global Satellite Positioning Technology, our system is able to give users both real time and historical information about the location about your vehicle. With a high accuracy, and easy to use system, you will be sure that  your vehicle is in where it is supposed to be.

How It Works

Firstly, the installed tracking device is fitted into your vehicle and powerd by your vehicle’s battery. Singapore Vehicle Tracker consumes very littler power so you do not have to worry about your battery going flat. By using Global Positioning System (GPS) Tracking, the tracker will spend the exact coordinates of the vehicle the servers which you can access on your computer and even your smartphone.


There are multiple personal and commerical uses for Singtech GPS Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management System. Businesses can use this system to monitor their delivery fleet’s location, allowing them to give clients an estimate of the delivery timing. Other commercial uses include tracking of high valued assets and industrial machinery. Family members can use this to know the located of their spouse and kids or as a safeguard when they travel overseas such as Malaysia where a higher probability vehicle theft might occur.

Government Claims & Grants

There are various government initiated claims and grants that Singapore businesses can apply to help alleviate the cost of implementing a Fleet Management System.

These claims include:

Productivity and Innovation Credit Scheme (PIC)  offered by IRAS Singapore

The PIC Scheme has been extended to 2018, allowing businesses to choose between 60% cash payout or 400% tax deduction.
More information about the PIC Grant can be found on IRAS website here.

Innovation & Capability Voucher (ICV) offered by SPRING Singapore

The ICV scheme helps businesses in Singapore with a generous $5000 voucher that businesses can claim on Fleet Management Solutions.
More information about the ICV Grant can be found on SPRING Singapore’s website here.

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