Should You Get a Head-Up Display For Your Car?

Should You Get a Head-Up Display For Your Car?

With mobile devices, we’re used to having information at our fingertips all day long. Why shouldn’t the same go for our cars? When you take your eyes off the road even for a brief moment to look at your instrument cluster, your eyes need to adjust to the shorter distance to read the information, then readjust to the greater visual distance again to take in the traffic environment. If the information can appear exactly where you need it – in your line of sight – you don’t have to avert your gaze so often to check the display on the instrument cluster. That’s where a head-up display (HUD) comes in handy. Here are some advantages of having a HUD installed in your car, especially in Singapore.

Reduces Driver Distraction

Averting your gaze to read a display means that your eyes have to refocus twice, requiring at least half a second each time with a conventional instrument cluster. This means that when you avert your gaze while driving at 120km/h, you will be driving blind for about 33 metres!

With a head-up display, all the required information that you need is projected directly in your line of sight. Important data such as speed, mileage and warning signals are displayed on your car’s windscreen. You do not need to constantly switch between looking at the road and your instrument cluster or secondary display.


Information that are usually on different dials are grouped together on the head-up display for convenience and better functionality. Instead of having to look at many different dials on your car, you can simply refer to the display projected by your car’s HUD.

Eye Health

When you switch from looking at the road to the display projected on the windscreen by the HUD, your eyes refocus much faster. The display is usually projected a few metres in front of your car. With a HUD, you can prevent tiring out your eyes from the constant averting and refocusing of your gaze.


The price of a HUD is not as expensive as you might think. In Singapore, Singtech’s Head-up Display costs just $180. Some newer cars even come with a built-in head-up display! If your car doesn’t come with one, a HUD is a worthy investment to help you drive more safely.

Having a head-up display is helpful for drivers who are distracted easily, as it helps them keep their eyes on the road. With further advancements, head-up displays will even show real-time navigation projected onto the roads in front of you, which will come in very useful. We hope to see these updates to HUDs in the near future.


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