TPMS Solar Display – 4 Sensor Internal Wireless

$ 98.00 $ 68.00


TPMS Solar Display – 4 Sensor Internal Wireless

$ 98.00 $ 68.00

  • Real-time Monitoring the Tire Pressure and Temperature
  • Solar Power and USB Charging
  • Built-in Sensor
  • Multiple Alarm Signals

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What is Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)?

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is an electronic system designed to monitor the air pressure inside the pneumatic tires on various types of vehicles. TPMS allows users to quickly and easily check the air pressure in your tyre. It connects wirelessly from the 4 sensors located at each wheel to a solar display which does not occupy the car cigarette lighter socket. TPMS gives the user real-time vital information about the condition of your vehicle’s tyres.


  • Real-time Monitoring: The monitor real-time displays all tires’ pressure and temperature, it can be placed anywhere stably and you can easily read the data. The driver can read the pressure balance of the four tires according to the tire pressure data, to ensure safe driving.
  • Built-in Sensor: The built-in sensor design makes the sensors invisible and keeps the tire original looking. This could also anti-theft for the tire pressure sensor.
  • Solar Power and USB Charging: The main receiver support USB cable charging and solar charging. 2 charging ways do not occupy the car cigarette lighter socket and ensure the tire pressure monitoring system will work continuously. Bright backlist and Clear readings. The pressure and temperature data can be switched.
  • Reliable Security: Built-in sensor is less interfered by the external environment, especially in winter and summer, the data will not be affected by temperature. Do not worry about data deviations and affect driving safety. But built-in sensors need to contact the tire shop with TPMS installation experience, remove the tire and the original valve from the car, install the new sensor valve kit.
  • Multiple Alarm Signals: It supports TPMS alarm, tire air leak alarm, high-pressure alarm, low-pressure alarm, high-temperature alarm, sensor fault alarm and sensor low battery alarm, it can help improve vehicle comfort, improve driving safety, reduce vehicle wear and reduce fuel consumption.


Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 230 × 155 × 60 mm
Working Frequency

433.92 ±0.05MHz

Operating Voltage

Normal < 3mA

Operating Temperature

0°C – +60°c

Working frequency (Tire Sensor)

433.92 ±0.05MHz

Operating Voltage (Tire Sensor)

2.2 – 3.2v

Working Current Static