Solar Traffic Safety Marshall

The Solar Traffic Safety Marshall offers a cost-effective solution for enhancing road safety during construction and roadwork activities, effectively replacing the need for a dedicated road safety worker. Clad in a bright orange overall with reflective stripes, it ensures high visibility from a distance, alerting drivers to hazards ahead. The additional flashing strobe lights further increase its visibility, reducing the risk of accidents.

Solar Traffic Safety Marshall comes with the Male Mannequin with the Fan LED Running/Strobe Light:

  • Customized Amber LED Light 12VDC
  • 120 LED with PVC pipe waterproof glue
  • Size : 550mm x 150mm / tube
  • Fan shape with 8 tubes
  • Mode: Flashing, Blinking, Running
  • Day Time: 100% Bright
  • Night Time: 70% Bright
  • Red/Black Wire Output

View Solar Traffic Safety Marshall on Youtube Now!

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SKU: 10319501
Category: Traffic Light

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