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Singtech Tyre Safe TPMS-Black

$ 150.00

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Singtech Tyre Safe TPMS-Black
Singtech Tyre Safe TPMS-Black
Singtech Tyre Safe TPMS-Black
Singtech Tyre Safe TPMS-Black

Singtech Tyre Safe TPMS-Black

$ 150.00

Our Singtech Tyre Pressure Monitoring System contains 1 monitor and four sensors. The sensors monitor the tyre temperature and pressure in real time and warns you of any abnormal situations such as air leakage, unusually high or low pressure and temperature. The monitor shows the information to notify driver immediately of any tyre problems so as to prevent accidents.

Click here for steps to install Singtech TPMS.

Having the correct tyre pressure can improve your fuel economy. Read more in our blog post here!

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What is TPMS?

Our SINGTECH tire-pressure monitoring system (TPMS) is an electronic system designed to monitor the air pressure inside the pneumatic tires on various types of vehicles. TPMS report real-time tire-pressure information to the driver of the vehicle.

How Does it work?

Our TPMS uses pressure monitoring sensors within each tire that monitor specific pressure levels.

The tire pressure monitoring system sends all this data to a centralized control module where it’s analyzed, interpreted, and, if tire pressure is lower than it should be, transmitted directly to your dashboard where the indicator light illuminates. A direct tire pressure monitor usually sends all this data wireless. Each sensor has a unique serial number. This is how the system not only distinguishes between itself and systems on other vehicles but also among pressure readings for each individual tire.

Advantages of TPMS?

  • Deliver actual tire pressure readings from inside the tire
  • Not prone to inaccuracies because of tire rotations or tire replacements
  • Simple re-synchronization after tire rotation or tire replacements

Singtech Tyre Safe -Tpms- Make safe driving. Check your vehicle tire air pressure from your seat.

Tyre Safe Monitor shows the air pressure of each tire.

Additional information

Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 183 x 110 x 42 mm
Sensor Weight

< 10g

Pressure Range

0Psi – 51Psi/ 0Bar ~ 3.5Bar

Battery Model


Battery Lifetime

> 3 years

Operating Current

<12 mA

Pressure Error

±1Psi / ±0.1Bar

Temperature Reading Accurary

±2 °C

Input Voltage

12 ± 3V

Static Current

< 35mA

Operating Temperature

-40 °C ~ +85 °C

Operating Humidity

5 ~ 98%


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