Singtech Damping Foam Mat – 10 metre (Black)

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  • Sound Proofing Damping Mat/Sound Absorbing Material
  • Dimension:
    • Length:10M
    • Width:0.5M
    • Thickness: 6mm
  • Quieter, more comfortable ride
  • Less rolling sound from wheel
  • DIY Sound Proof for door/vehicle,etc
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Category: Soundproofing Material

What is Sound Proofing Damping Mat?

Other names for Singtech Sound Proofing Mat in the car market include Sound Deadening Mat, Sound Damping / Dampening Mat and Sound Insulating Mat but they all generally do the same thing which is to isolate the noise from the external environment to your vehicle.



  • Release the structure transmission attenuation vibration energy
  • Decrease Vibration and Heat From the engine
  • Decrease Interior (speaker and car body), Engine, Exhaust Noise, and Vibration.
  • Reduce External noise (tires on the road, other cars, wind, etc.)
  • Lessen the vibration of the structure shaking or the striking
  • Increase the value of your vehicle
  • Increase your car audio sound effect, make you better music!
  • Enjoyed you a Cool, Quiet, and Comfortable ride


How does a Sound Proofing Mat Work?

The main idea of a sound damping mat is to absorb sound waves, resonance and vibrations.

Damning mats are simple to install with once side of the mat having a super-strong adhesive. Normally used to cover panels in your vehicle but can be very versatile as you can cut them to size.


Benefits of Sound Proofing Your Vehicle:

There are many reasons why one would want to soundproof their vehicle. Some Japanese and Korean vehicles in Singapore do not come with sufficient soundproofing to cut down on manufacturing cost. Thus vehicle owners want to soundproof to get a more comfortable ride. Especially in Singapore where cars and motorcycles with loud exhaust are getting more common, it may disturb their infant or children who are sleeping in the vehicle.

Other reasons include vehicle owners in Singapore who are into In Car Entertainment systems or ICE. By soundproofing your vehicle, you get less noise from outside interfering your auto quality thus giving you superior sound quality at a relatively affordable price.

Finally, some people soundproof for their vehicle for a luxury or executive feel when you shut the car doors and you feel like you’re in a luxurious continental vehicle like a BMW or Mercedes.


Locations to Soundproof:

Here are a few common places to soundproof.

  • Door Panels
  • Engine Compartment
    • Under Bonnet
    • Side Panels
    • Firewall
  • Car Roof
  • Wheel Arcs
  • Boot
  • Pillars
  • Floor


How to DIY Sound Proof Your Vehicle?

If you’re keen to get your hands dirty, Do It Yourself or DIY Sound Proofing of your vehicle is not a really difficult task. Many vehicle owners in Singapore are actually very keen to try as it is not very difficult and the risk and cost are low while giving good returns.

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