Singtech 4G GPS Tracker

$ 280.00 excl. GST

Singtech 4G GPS Tracker

$ 280.00 excl. GST

  • Real-time tracking
  • Over speed alert
  • Main power cut off alert
  • ACC detection
  • Geo-fence
  • History Route
  • Cut and resume oil remotely(Optional)

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By Mobile SMS

  • Locating or positioning vehicle
  • Set up or clear electronic (geographical) fence
  • Set up or clear vehicle moving alert
  • Set up or clear anti-hijack function (Optional*)
  • Timing automatic positioning
  • User account management
  • The device status check
  • By Internet network service platform [ Click here to view
  • Internet real time online locating and tracking
  • Set up or clear electronic (geographical) fence
  • Set up or clear speeding alert
  • Disable or enable power supply (Optional*)
  • Fleet management
  • History play back
  • Fuel consumption report export
  • Calculate and estimate fuel consumption

For Car Owner

  • Track your ride and keeping it in security
  • Monitoring your fuel consumption

For Business

  • Fleet Tracking – you can check the mapping of your fleet, deploy your vehicles for appropriate jobs and maximize operator productivity
  • Better Customer Service – you may check your guys where are locating in real time, send them to destination in the first time
  • Alerts Message – Set up customized real-time notifications for geographical fence entry or exit
  • Cost Savings – Expose inefficiencies from fuel waste or inappropriate use
  • History Play Back – you may check details of history including excessive speeding and idling time
  • Fuel Consumption Reporting – internet operation platform supports export mileage data of estimated fuel consumption
  • GPS Tracker is easy to install and can be fitted to any car.

GPS Tracker Internet Operation Guide

  • Subscribe plan required

GPS Tracker FAQs

How does GPS Tracker work?

GPS Tracker has built-in GPS module, it allows the tracking device to get its location from the GPS satellites.

Who are the GPS Tracker’s most frequent users?

The GPS Tracker device is a lightweight passive device, it’s able to track where are your drivers right now, which driver is speeding and when a vehicle enters or leaves a defined zone etc. On the other hand, the system working with car immobilizer system, it allows owner to stop unauthorized usage of car. So, this system is the preferred vehicle tracking model for private car, commercial vehicles, and business fleets etc.

How frequently does server update car’s location on the web site?

The GPS Tracker records a data point every 30 seconds. You may change default setting of update rates/range.

Does this GPS Tracker work in any other countries?

Yes. The GPS Tracker vehicle tracking system will work Singapore, Malaysia and anywhere in the world.

Does this GPS Tracker use vehicle’s power or separate battery?

GPS Tracker is able to use both vehicle’s power and 6-24V DC battery.

What equipment do I need to set up and operate on GPS Tracker?

You need to insert SIM card with subscribed data service to activate GPS Tracking Service.

Do I need to subscribe to a monthly service in order to get the GPS Tracker to work?

Yes, you need subscribe to a monthly mobile data service.

What additional or hidden fees are there?

There is a server maintenance fee of $48 per year (Renewable).  There are no other additional or hidden fees beside exceed usage of data limit or roaming fees.

Can I transfer my GPS Tracker to another vehicle?

Yes, you can do transfer to another vehicle, it’s simple.

Additional information

Weight 0.121 kg
Dimensions 142 × 92 × 30 mm
Tracker Dimensions

68 x 40 x 20 mm


WCDMA 900/2100MHz (3G version support)
GSM 850/900/1800/1900MHz



Backup Battery

3.7V 370mAh

Operating Voltage


Location Time

Cold start 35s-80s
Hot start 1s

Location Accuracy

5 meters

Operating Temperature

-20°C – +55°C