Power Booster LiFePO4 70A

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Power Booster LiFePO4 70A

$ 280.00

Power Booster has a built-in the rechargeable lithium iron nano-phosphate [LiFePO4] battery, it performs as an assistant to car battery to provide up 60 times stronger (in 10 sec) and more stable electric current than before. It’s designed to enhance power system for vehicles, it provides quality output of power supply, it improves starting power, engine response time and car lighting system. Furthermore, it boost fuel combustion efficiency, achieve fuel saving and also reduce the accumulation of carbon at the same time.

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The characteristics of lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) are as follows:

  • Safest and most environmentally friendly
  • Fast “forced” charging
  • Large overcharge tolerance and safer performance
  • Higher energy density
  • Simplified Battery Management System and battery charger
  • Longer cycle life
  • High-temperature performance

Main features of improvements for vehicles using Power Booster

  • Provide quality electrical voltage and current for vehicles
  • Enhance starting power and shorten starting time
  • Improve engine response time, sharpen accelerator and gas pedal
  • Improve stability of engine at idle speed, reduce the fluctuation at idle speed
  • Enhance the brightness of headlights to improve vision and safety in the night
  • Improve engine ignite time, reduce the accumulation of carbon thereby to achieve energy saving carbon reduction
  • Averaged energy saving 10%~20%, depends on car’s age and driver’s habit
  • Extend lead acid battery’s life, minimize pollution release

Voltage Stabilisers and Your Car Battery

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Additional information

Weight 0.718 kg
Dimensions 250 × 152 × 45 mm
Capacity Size




Continuous Discharging Current


Pulse Cranking Amp

290A(6 sec)

Cycle Life

2000 times

Deep Discharge

1000 times

Schedule Life

to 5 years

Max Charging Current


Working Temperature

-30°c to 70°c