Lead Acid Battery 12V 40Ah


  1. Alarm systems
  2. UPS
  3. Access control equipment
  4. Security systems
  5. Emergency power systems
  6. Children Toys
  7. Communication equipment
  8. Medical equipment

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SKU: 10150225-3
Category: Lead Acid Battery

Product Specification:

  • 12V 40Ah/10Hr
  • Constant Voltage charge (25℃)
Type Voltage Regulation Initial Current
Standby Use 13.50V-13.80V Less than 10A
Cycle Use 14.40V-14.70V Less than 10A


  1. Avoid short circuit
  2. Do not charge in sealed container
  3. Keep sparks, flame away
  4. Rechargeable after use
  5. Must be recycled or disposed of properly
Dimension191 x 165 x 169 mm

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