Hybrid Battery Charger – Intelligent Battery Charger

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Hybrid Battery Charger is Dual Output Intelligent Battery Charger is fully automatic, spark proof and reverse polarity protected and easy to use. Our smart battery charger will undergo a multi stages during the charging process to revive, charge, recondition and maintain all types of lead-acid batteries, prolong their life.

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Ease of use and safety functions:

  • Pulse charged:
    Pulse mode can remove the lead sulfate crystallization which was adhered to the electrode plate and recover the electrode plate’s proper power storage area.
  • Cycle Charged function:
    When the battery voltage drops, automatically performs a floating charge and periodically cycle charging, in the long term to ensure that the battery is fully charged the normal state.
  • Boost Charging mode (Battery Rescue Mode):
    When over discharge batteries unable to perform normal mode or unable be charged, the AI Boost charging mode are able be rescue.
    1A / 4A / 6A charging current selectable.
  • Handheld device charging function:
    Standard 5V USB charging port support Maximum 1.5A.
  • Complete safety protection:
    Prevent the battery from reverse polarity, short circuit, Anti-Are. the battery is automatically shut off the DC output when disconnect to prevent spark and short.


8-Stage Charging Mode:

  1. Soft start
    Tests if the battery can accept charge. Charging begins if the battery is ok.
  2. Pulse
    Pulsing voltage removes sulphates from the lead plates of the battery restoring the battery capacity.
  3. Bulk
    Charging with maximum current until approximately 80% battery capacity.
  4. Absorption
    Charging with constant voltage and declining current to equalizing and maximize up the battery capacity.
  5. Test
    Tests if the battery can hold charge. If the batteries voltage drops below 11.6V within 10 minutes, battery is faulty.
  6. Float
    Keep the battery voltage at maximum level by providing a constant voltage charge.
  7. Maintenance
    Battery maintenance mode active when the battery voltage is lower than 12.6V the charger automatically starts maintenance charging.
  8. Top-up
    Auto recharge your battery every 15 days once again after complete charged.



Charge Mode Charge Voltage Normal mode: DC 14.4V±2%
Snow mode: DC 14.7V±2%
Boost(Rescue) mode: DC 16.5V±2%
Charge Current Range 1A/4A/6A
Charge Efficiency > 85% (Full loading)
Normal Charging Mode 8-stage charging
Snow Charging Mode Charging when temp is under 0°C
Boost(Rescue) Mode 16.5V – 80% output of select current
Input Frequency 47~63Hz
Current AC 100V – 240V
Protection Reverse Polarity Yes
Short-Circuit Yes, does not charge until fault has been removed
Over Temperature Output power drops until temperature is within limits
Wrong Battery Type Yes. (No charge when Vbat < 2V or Vbat > 15V)
Environment Temperature -20℃~40℃
Humidity 10~95%
LED Status Charger Mode Normal charge No LED on
Snow mode LED on (Orange LED)
Boost (Rescue) mode LED Flicker (Orange LED)
Error Indicator Status Error LED On error status, Error LED
LED Flicker Battery damage. (Red LED)
Battery Test Mode Indicator Discharged LED: The battery must be charged (RED LED)
Low LED: The battery must be charged (Green LED)
Medium LED: The battery must be charged (Green LED)
Full LED: The battery is full. (Green LED)

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