GBC Fuse, 5 Piece Per Pack

$ 3.50 excl. GST

  • Available in 5A, 8A, 16A, 25A
  • Pack of 5 pieces
  • Dimension: 25mm x 5mm
  • Ideal to used to protect the electrical circuits of vehicles
  • Colour-coded for easy amperage identification
  • It has fast acting fuses

It’s highly recommended to check the size by yourself before making a purchase to make sure you’re buying the right types of automotive car fuse.

Please call +65 6281 2001 or email us at [email protected] for bulk order(≥100pcs).

Category: Fuse

GBC Fuse is applicable for most of the cars. For further information, you may consult with your installer or contact us about these features before installation.

Size5A, 8A, 16A, 25A

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