EG360 Alarm System

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EG360 Alarm System is passive key less entry system, it allows you keyless entry your vehicle without any action, that means your vehicle will lock and unlock automatic without using the corresponding remote key buttons.

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Why EG360 Alarm?

Remote keyless entry systems have been pervasive by the end of the decade. As time and technology progress, keys have been ubiquitous when opening and starting a car. Most of us have become familiar with the idea of Remote Keyless Entry, as many new cars come equipped with the option. These systems look like a key fob with buttons that act as a remote control to lock and unlock doors and arm alarm systems. Even more cutting-edge systems are coming to market, particularly in high-end automobiles.

For convenience of Passive keyless entry — SingTech EG360

Passive Keyless Entry(PKE) is a generic term for an automotive technology which allows a driver to lock and unlock a vehicle without using the corresponding remote key buttons. The remote key can remain in the driver’s pocket and send signals to the car without the driver performing any action. A transponder built within the remote key allows the vehicle to identify a driver. The vehicle will be unlocked if authentication is successful. This process only takes some milliseconds, so the driver does not notice any delay between touching the door handle.

How does PKE work— SingTech EG360

It is imperative that all of the signals transmitted between the car and the remote key be secure to prevent theft and fraud. Therefore, the remote key analyzes the incoming wakeup pattern and the following bitstream and sends back a “response” to the vehicle via an ultra-high frequency.

Cryptographic capabilities embedded in the device enable the response to be securely transmitted, as it is impossible for unauthorized persons to access this information. The vehicle then picks up the UHF response from the remote key and cross-checks it with cryptographic information internally stored. The vehicle will be unlocked if confirmation is successful. Once inside the car, a similar process takes place when the driver start engine. The remote key must be inside the car for the engine to start. If remote key is moved from vehicle, Singtech EG360 Anti-Hijack will be activated to disable engine.

Security Concerns – Dynamic Immobilizer —–SingTech EG360

Immobilizer is an electronic device fitted to an automobile which prevents the engine from running unless the correct key (or remote key) is present. This prevents the car from being “hot wired” after entry has been achieved.


  • Auto-Unlock
    The system unlocks the vehicle when the user is approximately 2 meters away and trigger waves are sent from the car to the remote key to confirm user’s presence.
  • Dynamic Immobilizer
    The Immobilizer function will be automatically disabled when the system performs Hand-Shake confirmation with the transponder upon inserting the key and turning ON the ignition. The vehicle can not be started with just the key as the transponder must be present as well when attempting to start the vehicle.
  • Smart Anti-hijack
    If any doors are opened and closed anytime after Ignition ON , the system will check-in with the transponder, the system will immobilise if the transponder is not present.
  • Passive Lock
    While in Immobilizer Mode, whenever the vehicle doors are opened and closed, the system will check with the transponder and LOCK the vehicle when its not in range.
  • Automatic Re-Lock
    The system will Auto Re-LOCK the vehicle even driver leaves the car without turn ignition ON.
  • Smart Transponder Low Battery Warning
    When Transponder Low Battery, the system will warn via horn chirp and parking light.
  • Foot Brake Lock
    When ignition ON, driver steps brake pedal once, the door will be automatic locked. While ignition OFF, door will be automatic unlock.

EG360 Alarm System is applicable for most cars. It allows your vehicle combining with Push Start Button to enjoy perfect keyless experience- Keyless Entry, Keyless Driving. For further information , you may consult with your installer or contact us about these features before installation.

EG360 Alarm System FAQs

  • Why I approach the car the doors don’t unlock?
    First of all, you need confirm EG360 function is enabled, please refer your user manual.
  • Why my spare remote cannot work on keyless entry?
    The system will recognize the last remote control which has been activated automatic keyless entry function; the spare remote control will disable or in the standby mode for automatic lock / unlock function.
  • How to activate the spare remote control automatic lock/unlock function?
    Press the big button for 1 second, parking light will flash 1 second to confirm that it is activated.
  • When do I know that the battery is low?
    Arm the system, horn chirp once, parking light flashes 4 times. If disarm, horn chirp twice, parking lights flashes 5 times. Regular response: when arm the system, horn chirp once, parking light flashes 1 time, When disarm just parking lights flashes 2 times.
  • When the battery is low, how should I operate ?
    The remote key enters passive backup mode while the battery is low and press Button ONE to unlock.
  • Does any external conditions may impact the EG360?
    If your car surround by Low Frequency signal (e.g at service station), it may result in the EG360 function disable , because transmitter communicate with transponder via an low frequency, however, you can operate via press unlock button in this condition.
  • Does this systems drain the vehicle’s battery?
    No, it doesn’t. If the transmitter standby excesses 48 hours, it will enters vacation mode, and it consumes the power in the minimum level.
  • Why does remote control battery drain fast?
    Remote control battery drains fast mostly cause by “high-frequency usage”: for example, when you leave your remote control inside of car for a long time without ignition on, it will cause the system keeps “ON”, hand shake on the remote control will cause battery power lose.
  • What is the warranty on EG360 Alarm System?
    SingTech EG360 Alarm System is covered by a one year warranty.


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