Car Finder

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Singtech Long Range Car Finder is designed for searching your vehicle in a Crowded Parking Lot. After happy shopping day, do you still remember where the car parked? Is there any bigger vehicle block off your vision? or is there any car same make and color with yours? With Car finder, those are not issue for you to find your car in any area even in Crowded Parking Lot.

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Category: Car Alarm

Singtech Long Range

  • This system is available in the range of 500 meters.

Car Searching

  • Press remote button Once, Car horn will sound 8 times and signal lamp will flash 8 times. If you need to search again press remote button Once more.

Car Panic SOS [ Emergency Button to call for help]

  • With Ignition ON, Press remote button Once, the car horn will sound continuously and signal light will keep blinking for help. To stop this function, press remote button once again.

LED Indicator [Give you better vision of your car in a dark area ]

  • Ignition ON, LED will not blink. Ignition OFF, LED will start to blink blue light.


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