Blinking Beacon Light 12V DC (Airport)

$ 120.00

Blinking Beacon Light 12V DC (Airport)

$ 120.00

  • DC 12V or DC 24V (optional)
  • Single contact bulb
  • Magnetic Base with cigarette lighter socket
  • Flash rate 80 flashes per minute
  • Lens Colour: Amber
  • Can use on all kind of vehicles
  • Suitable for use in the Aviation industry
  • In compliance with the I.C.A.O CAP 168 Regulations

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Additional information

Lamp Color



Single contact bulb beacon 3 bolt fixing amber

Work Model

Blinking flash


DC12V and DC24V (optional)

Current Draw

At 12V: peak 2A
At 24V: peak 2A

Dimensions (mm)