Battery Charger 12V/24V 6AH-200AH

$ 98.00

Battery Charger 12V/24V 6AH-200AH

$ 98.00

Intelligent computer chips are adopted for whole process control with advanced technologies of pulse width modulation(PWM). This series of products feature small size, safety and flexibility, high conversion rate, stable output current, large designed volume, long-time duration, etc.

Short circuit protection, reserve connection protection, overheat protection as well as low voltage protection is available. Therefore, constant voltage and constant current can be transformed reliably from constant voltage status into floating charge status. Hence, power waste and water loss can be reduced during charging process, and battery overheating and bubbling can be eliminated. As a result, battery life is extended greatly!

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Product Features:

  1. This product is applicable to the 12V/24V battery (6AH-200AH).
  2. Advanced pulse width modulation (PMW) technology is used to automatically charge batteries through a 4-stage charging cycle.
  3. The battery life can be significantly improved by digital pulse repairing method for the power chips of microcomputers.
  4. Constant voltage charging will be arranged to provide various protections ad avoid over-voltage, over-current, over-heating and electrode-positive, etc.
  5. When the red indicator light of charging stops flashing or is dark, and LCD screen display is at full bars condition, the charging mode will change to floating charging, means the battery charging being finished.
  6. The 12V input when automatic charging mode, full electric voltage of 13.8V to 14.3V; About 16V input when Manual charging mode, must be artificial monitoring in case of overcharge. If manual mode charging, suggest stop charging when the battery heating.
  7. Do not block cooling hole or use the charger with the cooling fan off.


  1. Do not use under humidity or high temperature, or where there are flammables or explosives.
  2. Do not block cooling hole, or use the charger while cooling fan is stopped.
  3. Do not prevent rain or water entry into the machine to avoid damages.

Additional information

Weight 0.972 kg
Dimensions 175 × 130 × 70 mm
Input Voltage

AC 150V~250V 50HZ~60HZ

Full Conversion


Working Temperature Range

-30℃- +40℃

Rated Voltage 12 V

Constant Current, Charging Current: 10A±10%
Constant Voltage, Charging Voltage: 14V±0.3

Rated Voltage 24 V

Constant Current, Charging Current: 7A±10%
Constant Voltage, Charging Voltage: 28V±0.3