Audio Speaker Tester

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Audio Speaker Tester

$ 15.00 excl. GST

Design for adjusting car audio speaker wiring system for the correct wiring.

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Design for adjusting the car audio speaker wiring system for the correct wiring. By the Playback from the disc, the speaker tester will pickup and detect to the respond. Have a real natural feeling of harmony.

Test disc contents

  • first track: left channel signal
  • Second track: right channel signal
  • Third track: the tester signal
  • Fourth track: the tester signal

To check speaker wiring, after installation the sound system, first test disc into the CD player, volume output may adjust and then follow these steps:

  • First step: select the first and second track respectively. Check the left and right channels are not reserved when connected.
  • Second step: select the third and fourth track. Check the tester of the left and right channel speakers are correct.

Speaker Tester front end (equipped with a microphone). Place near the speaker that you want to be test, press the power switch on speaker tester.

Green light flashing 3 times, Red light flashing 1 time = indicating that the speaker output for positive phase.

Green light flashing 1 time, Red light flashing 3 times = indicating that the speaker output for negative phase. Swap the speaker wire at both ends of the connection.

Yellow light ON = Need to replace the battery.

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