Audible Vehicle Warning System With Strobe Light

$ 65.00 excl. GST

Audible warning alarm and bright LED light to notify road users, especially children and elderly, that the vehicle is turning. This provides added assistance to prevent road accidents due to blind spots and turning in tight areas.

– Loud warning alarm
– Bright LED strobe light
– Easy installation
– 5 wires connection for various modes

SKU: 10150112
Category: LED Strobe Light

5 Wires Connection

Mode Function Alarm LED
Normal Alarm Left turn indicator on
Night Silent Parking light on
Override Night Silent Fog light on with park light on
Alarm Only When flashing not needed
Flashing Amber Only Dashboard on
TypeWarning alarm with LED light
Light Length70mm
Strobe Light Power3 pcs * 1W
Warning Alarm Decibles92-107dB
VoltageDC 10 – 80V
Connection5 Wires
CertificationECE R10
Waterproof RatingIP 67

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