13mm Black Braided Wrap 35 Meter (SJ)

$ 85.00 excl. GST


13mm Black Braided Wrap 35 Meter (SJ)

$ 85.00 excl. GST

Black Braided Wrap is an expandable and braided protective cover with sleeve diameter of 13mm and length of 35m. It is ideal for both the professional and the home user. It bundles and effectively protects cables and wires, for instance, in HiFi systems and industrial plants providing good resistance to abrasion.


  • Automation
  • Automotive
  • Machine tools
  • Robotics

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Braided Wrap is designed to protect breakout areas and also provide ease of removal when inspection or maintenance of cables is required. This open structure allows it can be installed after other necessary components, such as copper terminals and connectors. Strong resilience force keeps the wire or cable not to be exposed, meanwhile provides excellent abrasion resistance and flame resistance.

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