Protect Yourself in the Case of Accidents with a Car DVR

Protect Yourself in the Case of Accidents with a Car DVR

An 8-year-old boy who jaywalked at a signalised T-junction not meant for pedestrians died after he was hit by a car last year, as reported by The Straits Times. The boy, along with his grandfather, had walked across almost three lanes of the four-lane Eu Tong Seng Street towards Hill Street, when the traffic signal turned from red to green. The 1.3m tall boy ran into the path of an oncoming car, and suffered skull fractures and bleeding in the brain, which led to death.

Children are doubly jeopardised in jaywalking scenarios. They are smaller in size and stature than fully grown adults, making them difficult for motorists to notice on the road. In fact, the driver in the above case did not notice the boy crossing in front of her car at all. Furthermore, children are less able to assess or discern the possible dangers of jaywalking. They may not be able to gauge accurately how far the car is, and how fast it is moving.

When crossing roads, children often follow their parents or caregivers. If they decide to jaywalk, they may place themselves, as well as the children under their care, at risk of injury or even death.

Of course, drivers should always be cautious of the road in front of them as well as their surroundings, to prevent such accidents from happening. However, if the unfortunate really occurs, drivers should always seek to protect themselves. Often times, jaywalkers can misjudge the distance of a moving car, and drivers may not be able to stop in time. Having a car DVR installed to record happenings on the road can provide valuable video evidence that the motorist was not at fault.

Accidents can occur when we least expect them. We recommend that every car has a car DVR installed, to protect themselves in case of unexpected events.

Besides the above, a car DVR can protect you in other ways. Read this blog post to find out.


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