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Meaning of Different Beacon Lights in Singapore

Meaning of Different Beacon Lights in Singapore

Have you ever wondered what the different colours of beacon lights signify? The most commonly used beacon lights in Singapore are red and amber. However, there are other colours of beacon lights that are used for different applications. Here are some of them.

Amber/Yellow beacon lights are usually used as warning lights for slow moving or stationary service vehicles. They are also commonly used to signify ongoing road works or construction in Singapore, as well as other countries. They are frequently used for warning lights on buildings as well, to indicate potential hazards.

Red beacon lights are associated with emergency situations. In Singapore, red flashing lights on ambulances and fire engines signal to other road users that there is an emergency. Emergency vehicles with sirens and flashing lights on are on urgent duty call, and have the right of way over all other traffic. All other vehicles are legally bound to give way to the emergency vehicles in such situations. Red beacons are also used to warn of hazardous conditions, and for people to stay away from a certain area.

Blue beacon lights are less frequently seen on Singapore’s roads. They are only allowed to be used by law enforcement personnel. In Singapore, police cars (also known as Fast Response Cars) use red and blue flashing lights for emergency purposes. It is not legal for other vehicles to use blue beacon lights unless approval has been sought from the relevant authorities.

White/clear beacon lights are usually used as general purpose lights, with little or no restriction on its applications. They may be used as a secondary light colour in light bars on vehicles, or for added visibility.

Some of the less commonly seen colours of beacon lights include green and purple. Green is often associated with safety or security, thus they may be used by safety representatives or community emergency response teams in other countries. They may also be used by vehicles guiding funeral processions. Purple beacon lights are also used for this purpose. They are more common overseas and are seldom used in Singapore.

Singtech carries various models of amber and red beacon lights, the most commonly used colours in Singapore, for different vehicles and heavy vehicles.