How often to change wiper blade in singapore

How often to change wiper blade in singapore

Why do we need to replace wiper blades?

Your vehicle’s wiper blades are crucial for visibility when the weather is wet. Singapore occasionally experience showers on a weekly basis and even heavy thunderstorms during monsoon seasons, it is no surprise that your wiper blades are constantly being used. Your wiper blades allow you to see clearly during wet weather so that you can have a safe journey during storms.

When to replace wiper blades?

When your wiper blades start experiencing abnormalities such as juddering or skipping even when there is water on the windscreen or when it start to emit a squeaking sound, it may be time to change your wiper blades. Other abnormalities such as leaving a steaks of water or uneven wiping of water is also a sign that it may be time to change your wiper blades. All these problems are usually due to the  disintegration of the rubber that comes in contact with the windscreen of your car.

When you experience these problems, you should first inspect your wiper blades to look out for any foreign objects such as tiny stones, leafs or sticks that may have gotten stuck in the wiper blades. Anything with tree sap will be difficult to remove but soaking the area with a wet towel might help.

Nice & Clean Rubber on a New Wiper Blade
Nice & Clean Rubber on a New Wiper Blade

Check the rubber to see if there are any tears, cracks or broken off parts. These will usually cause the streaking problems.

Check to see if the frame is still strong, if there are any cracks or broken parts, it will be highly recommended to replace your wipers as they might fly off under heavy usage or under high speeds which could not only damage your glass but also hurt other people.

Lifespan of wiper blade in Singapore

Due to Singapore’s hot and humid weather, the rubber on the wiper blades deteriorates very quickly compared to other temperate climates. Frequent heavy downpours and torrential thunderstorms are also another factor that leads to shorter lifespan of wiper blades in Singapore.

The rubber on the wiper blades are not the only one that suffers from the unrelenting heat of the Singapore sun; poor quality plastic wipers frames can crack and break off during usage due to degrading of the plastic due to heat. The metal frames of wiper blades may also rust which may weaken it’s structural integrity.

It is said that wiper blades should be changed every 6 months to a year but it seems that in Singapore, many owners change every few years. (source:

Singtech Universal Wiper Blades for All Vehicles

Universal Hook Type Wiper Blade
Universal Hook Type Wiper Blade Box

Singtech Universal Wiper Blades are made to fit many different makes and models of vehicles in Singapore. Made with 100% Natural Rubber, you can be sure that Singtech Universal Wiper Blades will be safe on your car’s windscreen.

Universal Hook Type Wiper Blade
Universal Hook Type Wiper Blade

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