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Driving in Singapore During Hazy Weather

Safety Tips for Driving in Singapore During Hazy Weather

Singapore has been experiencing hazy weather the last few weeks. This trend has been going on for the pass few years and it is expected to continue for years to come. During hazy weather, driving can be difficult due to poor visibility. It is made worse as Singapore roads are usually congested especially during peak hours.

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Drivers should take extra precautions while on the road during hazy season and we have compiled a list of useful tips to help your drive safer.

Turn on headlight

The first thing you should do when you’re on the road is to switch on your vehicle’s headlight even during the day time. Your headlight is also linked to your tail light which will increase the visibility of your vehicle so that other motorist can spot you from afar. Remember to use your low beam instead of high beam as it is possible that the high beam might induce glare.

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Turn on Fog light

If your vehicle is equipped with a fog log, be sure to turn it on as well. Not only will this increase the visibility of your vehicle to other motorists but it will allow you to have better visibility directly ahead of your vehicle. This is because the beam projected by fog lamps are directed to the road in front of the vehicle. Fog lamps also have a wider beam allowing the driver to see the sides of the road more clearly.

Drive Slowly

Driving slowly gives you more reaction time when something happens. Poor visibility from the haze severely affects your ability to not only judge distances but also to react to sudden changes in the road.

Drive Safely

Practice safe driving by being patient and avoid overtaking. Do not jam brakes unless necessary, try to bring your vehicle to a slow before stopping as other motorist behind you may not be prepared.

Avoid stopping at the side

Breakdown Triangle Singapore. Image Credit: zeevveez

Unless it is an emergency such as a vehicle breakdown, avoid stopping your vehicle at the side of the road. Other road users might not be prepared for you which might lead to an accident. In the event of a vehicle breakdown; set up your warning triangle so that other road users are able to expect something before it is too late.

Haze in Singapore

Haze in Singapore. Image Credit: Jimmy Tan