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Car DVR Prevents Road Rage Incident in Singapore

Recently, a driver was saved from a violent road rage incident here on Singapore roads after the angry men from the car in front spotted his car DVR (dashcam), according to an article on AsiaOne.

Photo: Mr Kevin

Photo: Mr Kevin

On the afternoon of 5 July, the potential victim, Mr Kevin, was driving on the Central Expressway and was filtering out to exit at Moulmein Road, when the car in front suddenly braked. Mr Kevin jammed his brakes as well, managing to stop in time to prevent a collision. The car in front started to move off and while Mr Kevin prepared to do the same, the car unexpectedly stopped again. This time, Mr Kevin’s front bumper slightly nudged the other car.

Two men came out of the car and started to accuse Mr Kevin of not stopping in time and hitting their car. However, when they got near, they noticed that the entire incident was recorded by the car DVR on Mr Kevin’s car dashboard. Once they saw the car DVR, they backed off and left quickly.

Mr Kevin believes that the car DVR helped him to avoid any further confrontation, since he had video evidence that the incident was not his fault. This incident sounds like a fake accident scam, where unscrupulous drivers manoeuvre your car into an accident and make large claims for fake injuries and car damage against your motor insurance company.

Such incidents may occur when you least expect them to. Mr Kevin installed the car DVR in his car two years ago, which saved him from this incident and possible scam. Although you are not able to prevent others from trying to cause an accident with your car, a car DVR can provide valuable video evidence when something does happen.

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