Buy Strobe & Flashing Beacon Online Singapore

Buy Strobe & Flashing Beacon Online Singapore

Strobe & Rotating Beacons Singapore

Singtech Singapore carries a wide range of flashing strobe beacons at our online store for the convenience of Singaporeans and Singapore businesses.

Different Lighting Technology

Singtech offers both traditional beacons that are operated by halogen and also by Light Emitting Diode or LED. LED beacons offer higher energy efficiency and lower operating temperature.

LED beacons also offer significant physical advantages such as more compact design and as it does not have a bulb or filament, it is more resistant to damage via impact such as falls and tumbles.


Red & Amber Strobe Beacon

There are 2 different colours of beacons to choose from; Red and Amber (Yellow). These are the 2 more popular colours of beacons that are used in Singapore.

Yellow / Amber  Beacons

Yellow / Amber beacons are usually associated to warnings such as slow vehicles, road works and to encourage caution during uncommon situations.

Red Beacons

Red beacons are usually associated to emergency situations and they are normally found on emergency vehicles such as ambulances, police cars and fire trucks. Red beacons are also used to symbolize dangers or hazards warning people to stay clear and away.

Frequent Applications:

Strobe beacons are usually used during Construction sites and Road Works in Singapore. These bright strobe lights warn any workers and passerby that there are abnormalities in the vicinity and they should take extra precaution.

Other common applications are for automotive or auto purposes such as for emergency vehicles which will require the use of the magnetic strobe beacons. Emergency vehicles from fire trucks to ambulances and police motorcycles can use it to warn or clear traffic.

Other Applications:

Magnetic Base Strobe Beacon


Magnetic based strobe beacons are able to be attached to most metallic surfaces and are powered by cigarette lighter plug and can take either 12V or 24V.

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Battery Operated Strobe Beacon

Battery Operated LED Strobes are usually used for road side signs for road works or construction. Quick to deploy and recharge, Singtech Long lasting battery LED strobes are handy for emergency conditions.

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