8 Items You Must Have in Your Car For Emergencies

8 Items You Must Have in Your Car For Emergencies

We often take Singapore’s roads for granted. In our tropical climate, we don’t experience floods or icy road conditions. There is also a very low chance of hitting wild animals like deer. However, you never know when your car might break down or even get into an accident with pedestrians or other motorists. In the event that you encounter an emergency on the roads, these 8 items will be a lifesaver.

Owner’s Manual

Your car’s owner’s manual should already be in your glove compartment, and provides a ton of useful information, such as detailed information on how to change a tyre, identify a blown fuse, and so on. If you’ve lost your copy, most car manufacturers offer a download of the manuals on their website.


First Aid Kit

If an accident occurs and there are minor injuries, the bandages, gauze, tape and disinfectant in the first aid kit comes in handy for handling minor cuts and scrapes. In the case of more severe injuries, a first aid kit can slow down bleeding while waiting for help to arrive.

Fire Extinguisher

A fire extinguisher can stop small fires before they turn into disasters. If you or someone else is involved in an accident and there is a fire, a fire extinguisher can be a life saver.

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Portable Jump Starter

A jump starter can save you when you’re stranded with a dead battery. If there are no cars around to help you jump start your battery, a portable jump starter can help you start up your car without having to wait for a Good Samaritan to pass by and render assistance.

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Reflective Warning Triangles

A set of reflective warning triangles can be used in the day or at night, to give traffic notice of a disabled vehicle. When you get a flat tyre or are forced to pull over for some reason, these warning triangles can help to notify approaching motorists to avoid your stationary car.

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Magnetic LED Flashlight

A magnetic LED flashlight can come in handy when you need both hands to change a tyre or open a fuse box on a dark night. It’s brighter than your mobile phone’s flashlight, and you can free up your hands by securing the magnet to your car. They are usually compact enough to fit into your glove box.

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Super Mini Blade Fuse


Carrying a few spare fuses in your car, as well as the tool to pull them from the fuse block, allows you to fix common electrical issues  without having to go to the mechanic. You can check your owner’s manual to find out the size of fuses you need.

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Seat Belt Cutter & Window Breaker

Now this is something you hope you never have to use. In the case of a car crash or accident where you are trapped in your car, a seat belt cutter and window breaker tool can help you to extricate yourself from your seat and break the windows to escape. It is always prudent to store one in your car, for worst case scenarios.

Even if you’re a safe driver, you never know when accidents can happen to you or other motorists around you. Having a car emergency kit with all these items will ensure that you’re always prepared if the unexpected occurs.