5 Reasons to Own a Car DVR in Singapore

5 Reasons to Own a Car DVR in Singapore

A car DVR, also known as a dashboard camera or dashcam, is a camera placed on the dashboard or attached to the interior windscreen of a car. While the engine is running, it is continuously video recording the view through the car’s windscreen. Some cars also have a rear-facing DVR installed to record the car’s rear view. In Singapore, it is gaining popularity among road users, mainly because the video recordings provide invaluable visual evidence when unexpected events occur. Here are the top 5 ways a DVR can protect you and your car.

First-hand Evidence in the Case of Accidents

In the case of a traffic incident, DVR footage can help to prove your innocence if there were no witnesses, or if the other party involved claim that you were at fault. The video recording provides irrefutable evidence in the case of any disputes, and ensure that the responsibility is assigned to the right party. Your claims with your insurance companies can also be expedited as the video evidence can eliminate your liability.

Parking Protection

Even when your car is parked, accidents or damage can still occur. Fortunately, if your DVR is battery operated, it can continue recording even when the engine is not running. This can help you record hit-and-run accidents or vandalism which occurs when your car is unattended. This footage can be handed over to your insurance company to prove how the damage was done, as well as the police to see if they are able to locate the culprit.

Prevent Insurance Fraud and Fake Accident Scams

Car Camera Accident Evidence SingaporeBeware of the ‘crash for cash’ insurance scam,  Paul Townsend

The number of frauds in car insurance claims have been rising, which is also causing car insurance premiums to increase. For example, your car may be manoeuvred into car accidents by unscrupulous drivers. The driver will then make large claims for fake injuries and car damage against your motor insurance company, even though their car only suffered minor damage like a small dent. They may also force your car to crash into the rear end of their vehicle, and claim that they have been injured so that they can submit fraudulent injury claims. The newest scam is carried out by pedestrians, where they throw themselves in front of your car and claim that they have been hit. With a DVR recording, the opportunity for these dishonest road users to file fraudulent claims is minimized as there is evidence of what actually occurred.

Prevent Abuse and Misuse of your Car

The Young and The Reckless, Leonid Mamchenkov
The Young and The Reckless, Leonid Mamchenkov

A car DVR may come in handy for families with a shared car. If you have young drivers in the household, DVR footage is useful for reviewing and improving their driving skills. Keeping an accident-free record will keep their motor insurance premiums low through discounts obtained from holding the certificate of merit (COM) and No-Claim Discount (NCD). If your friends or relatives constantly borrow your car, the recordings can also give you peace of mind if anything happens to it under their care. Your car may be one of your most valuable assets, and it is normal to be worried about it.

Report Reckless and Undisciplined Drivers

Local online communities such as Singapore Reckless Drivers and Beh Chia Lor allow road users to upload videos of reckless driving and accidents captured on their car DVR. These communities increase awareness of road safety and defensive driving/riding on Singapore’s roads. Video footage of reckless driving can also be submitted to the Traffic Police for further investigation.

Dashcam footage can also provide more information to assist the police with ongoing investigations of accidents, such as the death of a motorcyclist on the Pan-Island Expressway last year. After a recording of the accident was uploaded online, it was discovered that another vehicle may have bumped into the motorcycle, causing him to lose control and crash into a truck.

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