4 Situations Where You Wish You Have Portable Traffic Lights

Portable Traffic Lights

To some drivers, the number of traffic lights in Singapore can be unbearable. In fact, we came across several forum posts discussing this. Someone even wrote a blog post to express his unhappiness about having another traffic light put up.

Love it or hate it, traffic light has come a long way from the oil powered signaler in the 1800s. Even way before cars were invented, traffic had always been a problem in the busy streets of the city. So it goes to show how necessary it is. There is some truth, however, that there may be too many traffic lights in our roads. As a road user myself, I find it quite annoying to encounter situations where there’s no literally no other traffic, yet traffic lights are preventing me from going forth.

Identifying the Problem and the Necessity

Part of the problem lies in permanent traffic lights that actually serves the purpose less than half the time. Although the intention may be there, it may be far more productive (and less costly) to think of alternatives to such a scenario. Even with advancements that include sensors that are supposed to help regulate the light signals depending on traffic flow, some stop signals can be completely unnecessary. They only serve to disrupt the driver’s momentum and leech into the car’s fuel.

Perhaps, in these scenarios, it would be better to acquire strategically placed traffic flow controllers that serves the big purpose: Regulate traffic only when needed. One of the possible solutions is to have portable traffic lights; used only when needed, and stowed away when not. In this article, we would also touch on how Singtech’s Portable Traffic Lights can help in these scenarios. But first, we will briefly touch on the basic features of the system.

Singtech Portable Traffic Lights: When to Use it?

So what kind of scenario would a portable traffic light be of great use? This article will list out three:

1. Road Construction/Repair Works

Scenario: This scenario occurs at narrow-lane roadway Whenever road works occur, traffic from two directions has to share one single lane by taking turns to use it. Traffic is usually controlled by two construction workers holding stop and go signs.

Benefit of portable traffic lights: Obviously, the extra two manpower will be put to better use at the road works. It could increase productivity, shorten the time for the road works to complete, and ultimately reduce costs for both vendor as well as LTA. There would probably be better coordination between two sides that can ensure a smoother flow, especially if the traffic flow happens to be exceptionally busy.

2. Start and End of School Hours

Scenario: Mornings and afternoons are extremely busy periods. Students on foot, parents dropping off their children at school in their cars, as well as teachers and staff , all trying to squeeze through what is usually the narrow roads in front of the school premises. Many of these roads had utilised zebra crossings, but are since “upgraded” to traffic lights to improve traffic flow.

The plan does work… during school peak periods. However, the signalling becomes in hindrance after peaks hours where traffic light would routinely stop traffic flow even when there are no pedestrian crossing.

Benefit of portable traffic lights: Portable traffic lights could be a great way to regulate traffic during the peaks times of schools too. When all students have safely reached the school, zebra crossing are usually more than sufficient to provide a safe way for the occasional pedestrian to use.

3. Major Events At/Near Public Roads

Scenario: Outdoor new year parties, concerts, national celebrations and festivals, even sporting events like marathons and F1; these are some of the yearly events that major organisers regularly conduct in Singapore. In such events, you can expect large amounts of human traffic to move through the streets. This sometimes disrupts traffic flow, despite it different traffic controlling elements already in place.

Benefit of portable traffic lights: In this scenario, portable traffic lights could serve to supplement preexisting traffic control measures. It can also serve as the only traffic control solution for any temporary roads and pathways created for such events.

4. Driver Training Sessions

Scenario: Every driver would have to go through this: Driving lessons. Private driving instruction schools may not have full facilities to conduct comprehensive lessons. They may not be able to offer a holistic experience for learner drivers because of this.

Benefit of portable traffic lights:Portable traffic lights could serve to supplement the lessons offered. It is not just useful for people who are learning to drive, though. Specialised driving instruction facilities for sports, military and police personnel can also benefit from a portable traffic light as the portability offers the option for different scenarios.

Portable Traffic Lights: Where to Find One?

If you have read this far, this is probably the main question you might have. Fortunately, Singtech has added portable traffic lights to our list of products readily available for purchase or rental. But what makes the traffic light “portable”?

Portable Traffic Lights - LTA Approved Design | Singtech

For starters, the traffic lights run on batteries. This eliminates the problem of finding a suitable power source to power up the traffic lights. The lights also use high intensity, low energy LED, so you can be assured that the batteries can last for quite sometime.

Another thing that increases the mobility of the traffic lights is the fact they each are set on four wheels. So taking them from one place to another is quite effortless. You can also adjust the traffic lights’ height to suit the scenario requirements for its use.

Does it perform like how a real traffic light performs? Of course! The traffic lights come in two units: One master and one slave. The master is basically where most of the settings are locked down; this is where you will have access to the easy-to-use panel control. Whatever settings you make on the master lights, the signal will sync to the slave lights via WIFI connection. That way, they will run in coordination to the other, just like a real traffic light.


Traffic lights, if strategically used, greatly aid in the flow of traffic. But perhaps we can also consider “when” it should be used as oppose to just thinking about “where”.  Perhaps traffic regulation would be even more effective that way in the long run. By the way, if you are considering to have the portable traffic lights system for your own use, please contact us at Singtech to discuss about your needs!

Portable Traffic Light – Battery Operated