3 Reasons Why A GPS Vehicle Tracker Will Benefit Your Small Business In Singapore


For businesses to thrive, the continuous struggle just never stops. The workforce is always on the go handling things where they are required to be in several places instead of their working desk alone. With several benefits linked to this, there are often some obstacles that the team might have to face.

Luckily for us, due to the advancement in technology mobile devices and respective applications have made things pretty easy for employees. The whole business team can coordinate and stay in touch no matter where they are. GPS vehicle tracker is the fine piece of technology which is benefit small business grow in Singapore.

GPS Vehicle Trackers help create a way to monitor drivers. It is beneficial for both the drivers and the managers. Moreover, the managers are also able to coordinate well with the drivers. They can keep track of the route the driver is taking. In case the driver aims to do something unwanted, managers will be able to track it down within seconds and carry out an action as quick as they can. This helps in saving the reputation of the small business as well.

Fleet management and vehicle GPS tracking service available to help small business in Singapore grow. Providing the latest technology and utmost efforts to bring a positive change in the market.

Low Cost

The best thing to note about installing a GPS Vehicle Tracker for small businesses in Singapore is that it doesn’t cost a lot. It is a one-time investment which will bear fruitful results to the company. If you think investing in a GPS tracking system will cost you a lot, you are mistaken.

Tracking systems are available at affordable prices with no compromise on technology. They are offering the latest technology features and specifications you will not be able to ignore. This is a perfect tool that will make the management of your business dealings super easy giving you every control.

Moreover, the extraordinary GPS Vehicle Trackers assist the fleet managers with detailed mileage.

Live Tracking on Mobile App or Computer

GPS Trackers are the best way to stay in touch no matter where you are. The trackers will help the management team locate the position of the vehicle while allowing them to set up the geographical fence so that the vehicle does not exit Singapore if it’s not allowed to. Should the vehicle be hijacked or stolen, managers will also be able to locate and immobilise the vehicle.

The live tracking of the GPS tracker also allows management to know how long a vehicle has been stationary, this is to ensure that drivers are working efficiently and not spending too much time on one area or customer.

History Report

GPS Vehicle Tracking systems have countless features that cannot be ignored at any cost. They will keep a track on almost everything. The route that the driver takes, the number of rides taken by the respective driver, the car that was utilized and the time it was utilized, everything. Making it easier to keep records and carry out the evaluation later. Leaving less paperwork to handle.

Singtech GPS Trackers

There is no monthly subscription for the module and we provide 3 years free server maintenance with any purchase of GPS Tracker Singtech. This is an ongoing PROMOTION and valid up till 31st December 2018 ONLY.

GPS Tracker – Portable Magnet (3G)


We hope that our GPS tracker is able to bring value to your business or operations. If you have any questions regarding specifications or requirements, please feel free to contact us at 6281 2001.