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GSM Alarm System
Model: 10183883
GSM Alarm System through SMS data transmission and voice platform of GSM network to send control command and receive alert message remotely. When alarm system has been triggered, the system will send alarm signal to pre-set mobile phone numbers, and meanwhile dials the pre-set telephone/mobile phone numbers automatically. WIth GSM Alarm, your vehicle will be protected in real time without limited by distance .



•Built in tri-band GSM Module (900/1800/1900)
•Guard your vehicle with the system dials out (voice message & SMS) automatically when the alarm is triggered.
•Easy to install on any kind of existing alarm system or keyless entry. No extra remote controller will be needed.
•Advanced technology at low cost
•Dial-in to activate the "Listen-in" or "Power Speaker" functions.
•Dial-in activate Anti-hijack / immobilize features.
•Emergency SOS function
•When disable relay is activated the system automatically dials out to notify the owner at vehicle is invaded.
•The system will dial out 3 times when the alarm system h as been triggered. You will hear voice message through phone. At this point, you can activate the "Listen-in" function if you have pressed the "*" key on the phone and listen to the status inside the car. You can also activate the power speaker by pressing the "#" key on the phone and use the phone to ask for help or speak loudly through the power speaker to warn the intruder.
•Call sensor: If the vehicle obstruct someone then the person can touch the sensor to enable the telecommunication system dialling out to inform you drive the vehicle away. And you can press "#" key to speak with whom touched the sensor.


• Main Unit with built-in GSM Module
• Speaker Horn
• Call sensor
• Adjustable Shock sensor
• GSM Antenna
• Microphone
• Microphone Clip
• Engine immobilise Relay
• Override Switch
• 7 pin Pre-wired Harness
• Warning Stickers (Square)
• SingTech Sticker
• Two Double Sided Tapes
• Instructions Manual




GSM Alarm System is applicable for most cars. For further information , you may consult with your installer or contact us about these features before installation.

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