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2 Pin Central Locking Actuator
Model: 10031002
Central Locking Actuator is apply for any car actuator replacement. This actuator is powerful, and it builds in Johnson Motor inside . It's special for Peugeot 405 central door lock .


•Compatible with Car Alarm System
•Key or Door Button Operation
•Jam Free System
•Neutral Clutch Drive
•Water Resistant
•Adjustable Positioning Hardware for Easy Installation
•Push/Pull Forces: 5Kgs
•Voltage Input: 12VDC - 14VDC
•Load Current Consumption: 2.5A@0.5 Second
•Operating Temperatures: -30ºC ~+70ºC (-20ºF ~+160ºF)



•2 Wire Actuator
•Screw & Nut





2 Pin Central Locking Actuator is applicable for most cars Central Locking System and Compatible with Car Alarm System, it's special for Peugeot 405. For further information , you may consult with your installer or contact us about these features before installation.

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